lol this is in case everyone thinks i actually died

i’m aware all my previous posts may have been confusing, or concerning, or worrying, or well, drastic, so i just wanted to clear up a few things and present more information as to why i acted the way i did

  • i was diagnosed with clinical depression in 2015, and up to now am seeing a psychiatrist
  • my current doctor says i MIGHT have aspergers, but it isn’t confirmed or anything (although hopefully this year i can get it confirmed)
  • im not actually VERY mentally unstable…. just a little bit. my mood can change drastically whether it be within seconds or within days.
  • im the kind of person who cannot commit to ANYTHING, so trying to commit to the poptropica community was actually hard for me πŸ˜› im lazy
  • i do a lot of things on a whim, bcos im impulsive. this post is impulsive, i do a LOT of things without knowing why i do it, or without having a good reason
  • i still continued drawing, although for the last few months i’ve barely drawn anything because i hit a new low in my life

im not gonna say much more after this but once again, if any of you hit me up on twitter, or discord (i dont check very often…. few times a year? lol) or instagramΒ and say you’re from the pop community i wouldn’t mind. or you can comment on this post and i’ll see it eventually πŸ™‚

yup, i’m leaving

instead of me constantly flickering between staying and leaving and being confused I have chosen to leave, honestly it wasn’t that hard a decision. NOT because you guys aren’t awesome and I don’t want to be in this community I just. cant.

maybe when i’m emotionally stable i’ll come back or something.

if you want to know how I’m doing but don’t want to come in contact with me check out my twitter where I tweet my boring life and other personal things

as for regarding art, I won’t draw any feature Fridays, I shall redirect you all to my main dA

I’m not sure about chatting on discord, I may feel its too awkward, or theres no one really interested in talking. we’ll see about that

some of you may be wondering why the HECK I am like this and honestly I don’t know myself. this me I am presenting is the real me, not some fake cool cultured online persona i’m pretending and wishing is me. in real life I am slow, unproductive, lazy, and dead inside. i’m not going to try covering up anymore, like I’ve always done my entire life. I’m totally going to regret this post and everything I’ve said up to this point but i’m too tired from worrying what people think of me

my last post was months ago I don’t even know whats happening anymore I don’t remember why I created this blog and I honestly don’t think I’m into poptropica anymore drawing is now something I do because I don’t want it to die but its dying, I’m dying (metaphorically) and even going on the computer to do something like keep up this social profile or any social profile is draining a part of me wonders if anyone even knows me or remembers me or wonders what the heck I’m doing but honestly everyone is probably sick of my back-and-forth coming online then suddenly disappear forΒ  months so what’s the point why am I worrying over this why am I even typing this would this be the best way to leave

but talking to you all on discord is so fun but at the same time makes me get anxious I don’t even know what to say my mind goes blank

its 4am i didn’t eat dinner i cant think i don’t know what I’m doing i probably will forget i even wrote this useless negative post. I’m tired I’m so tired I’m so tired of this me who cant even keep up with this super casual blog where no one even cares anyway so why am I doing this why am I typing all this so you will all know what a weirdo I am????? or how i somehow manage to work myself up over nothing

I’m done i cant do it but i want to stay I’m so conflicted and I’m making a mountain out of a molehill

also my avatar is me wearing a tube top has anyone eventhought of that

I once again apologize for the lack of a Feature Friday. I’m afraid the Feature Friday is being removed. Not being I don’t enjoy doing it but because there isn’t enough time and energy for me to actually complete it. I will still be posting art and features but just not regularly.


I apologize for the absence of a featured Poptropican art on Friday. I’m really sorry but I had too much on my hands this week and thus I was unable to find time for arting this week. I’ll try my best to do it next week πŸ™‚

8th April // FF

Hey everybody how are you doing? I’m sorry if the quality of this FF is mediocre, as I’m a bit on a tight schedule this week. But anyways…

This week’s Feature Friday is featuring Red Burger! You can check out her vid.me here. There’s also a few process videos of me drawing RB’s sketch πŸ˜€


I’m back

I would like to apologize to everyone for not coming online.

The bottom line is: I am not quitting. But this does not mean I will be posting on a regular basis. Things have been happening in real life so I do not have time to post weekly. But this does not mean that I will post only once every 2 weeks. There will be some weeks I can post a lot and some where I won’t post at all.

As for requests I WILL still be doing them, but not as fast as I would like to be doing. My art has gone downhill in the past few months, I have drastically changed my art style, and it’s only about once a month I actually draw something I like.

I would like to thank all of my followers for still sticking with me, it means a lot that people actually like my art and my posts.

I would also like to mention that while I was on a so-called hiatus I haven’t actually touched Poptropica. Not even once. It will take me a while to catch up on all the Pop news and what-not.

I won’t promise to be updated, but I’m promising that I’m not abandoning this blog. At least not anytime soon.

See ya’ll!

I know what you’re thinking

“CB, Friday has passed but theres no Feature Friday?”

Well I apologize. But I’m afraid something big has happened in my personal life and I currently do not have the mental energy to post or draw anything.

I don’t know when I can come back but hopefully it’s soon.