Feature Friday!

I’ve decided to start a thing called Feature Friday, where on Friday’s I will (try) draw a featured Poptropican. It can be an NPC, or it could be you!

This week’s featured Poptropican is: the hi-tech funky space girl on Home Island, in front of the Common Room.

While I probably cant do this every Friday, and eventually I’ll run out of NPCs to draw, I hope everyone will enjoy this


Home Island

Hey everyone! So a lot of people are wondering what Home/Hub Island is (apparently for some people it says Hub? But I see it as Home)

In summary, Home Island is a really short tutorial island for people who just started Poptropica. To complete it, you just need to collect the medallion shards (there are 9 of them, i think). There are signs showing how to walk, jump, etc.

Even though it’s a tutorial island, you still get 150 credits for finishing it. Nice going!

But that’s not all! There is a free colorizer:


(too bad I already bought one from the store for 250 credits)

AND there are 3 costumes which can be randomized, so you can choose different parts of the 3 outfits to match your taste.


To randomize it, you just pull the lever.

There is also a common room. For new players to socialize, perhaps?Capture

let’s be honest

The only Poptropica blog that will get most of the attention is the PoptropicaHelp blog.

On the other hand, posting random Poptropica things is fun too, even if no one is going to read it.

I’ll just be here, in the background ._.

Today’s code: MORECREDITS

MORECREDITS gives only 20 credits, which is not much.

But, to commemorate the official releasing of the Timmy Failure Island trailer, the Pop Creators are giving out more free stuff.

Just go to the Timmy Failure Island and talk to Timmy on the left, who will give you a code

TIMMY is this week’s code, which gives 50 credits. Check back weekly for more free stuff!

Just realized the Poptropica Creators just made some older islands member-only

No offense @PoptropicaCreators but ??? WHY ?? I mean, good thing for us older members we’ve already played the full thing but this is quite a setback, especially in getting the full Poptropica experience. I totally understood member-only items, members playing first, because, I know the creators gotta have an income. But this kind of drivel is the sort of thing that should not be happening.

Too bad us going on strike or something isn’t gonna help.