Home Island

Hey everyone! So a lot of people are wondering what Home/Hub Island is (apparently for some people it says Hub? But I see it as Home)

In summary, Home Island is a really short tutorial island for people who just started Poptropica. To complete it, you just need to collect the medallion shards (there are 9 of them, i think). There are signs showing how to walk, jump, etc.

Even though it’s a tutorial island, you still get 150 credits for finishing it. Nice going!

But that’s not all! There is a free colorizer:


(too bad I already bought one from the store for 250 credits)

AND there are 3 costumes which can be randomized, so you can choose different parts of the 3 outfits to match your taste.


To randomize it, you just pull the lever.

There is also a common room. For new players to socialize, perhaps?Capture


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