I once again apologize for the lack of a Feature Friday. I’m afraid the Feature Friday is being removed. Not being I don’t enjoy doing it but because there isn’t enough time and energy for me to actually complete it. I will still be posting art and features but just not regularly.



I apologize for the absence of a featured Poptropican art on Friday. I’m really sorry but I had too much on my hands this week and thus I was unable to find time for arting this week. I’ll try my best to do it next week 🙂

8th April // FF

Hey everybody how are you doing? I’m sorry if the quality of this FF is mediocre, as I’m a bit on a tight schedule this week. But anyways…

This week’s Feature Friday is featuring Red Burger! You can check out her vid.me here. There’s also a few process videos of me drawing RB’s sketch 😀