my last post was months ago I don’t even know whats happening anymore I don’t remember why I created this blog and I honestly don’t think I’m into poptropica anymore drawing is now something I do because I don’t want it to die but its dying, I’m dying (metaphorically) and even going on the computer to do something like keep up this social profile or any social profile is draining a part of me wonders if anyone even knows me or remembers me or wonders what the heck I’m doing but honestly everyone is probably sick of my back-and-forth coming online then suddenly disappear forĀ  months so what’s the point why am I worrying over this why am I even typing this would this be the best way to leave

but talking to you all on discord is so fun but at the same time makes me get anxious I don’t even know what to say my mind goes blank

its 4am i didn’t eat dinner i cant think i don’t know what I’m doing i probably will forget i even wrote this useless negative post. I’m tired I’m so tired I’m so tired of this me who cant even keep up with this super casual blog where no one even cares anyway so why am I doing this why am I typing all this so you will all know what a weirdo I am????? or how i somehow manage to work myself up over nothing

I’m done i cant do it but i want to stay I’m so conflicted and I’m making a mountain out of a molehill

also my avatar is me wearing a tube top has anyone eventhought of that