yup, i’m leaving

instead of me constantly flickering between staying and leaving and being confused I have chosen to leave, honestly it wasn’t that hard a decision. NOT because you guys aren’t awesome and I don’t want to be in this community I just. cant.

maybe when i’m emotionally stable i’ll come back or something.

if you want to know how I’m doing but don’t want to come in contact with me check out my twitter where I tweet my boring life and other personal things

as for regarding art, I won’t draw any feature Fridays, I shall redirect you all to my main dA

I’m not sure about chatting on discord, I may feel its too awkward, or theres no one really interested in talking. we’ll see about that

some of you may be wondering why the HECK I am like this and honestly I don’t know myself. this me I am presenting is the real me, not some fake cool cultured online persona i’m pretending and wishing is me. in real life I am slow, unproductive, lazy, and dead inside. i’m not going to try covering up anymore, like I’ve always done my entire life. I’m totally going to regret this post and everything I’ve said up to this point but i’m too tired from worrying what people think of me


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