lol this is in case everyone thinks i actually died

i’m aware all my previous posts may have been confusing, or concerning, or worrying, or well, drastic, so i just wanted to clear up a few things and present more information as to why i acted the way i did

  • i was diagnosed with clinical depression in 2015, and up to now am seeing a psychiatrist
  • my current doctor says i MIGHT have aspergers, but it isn’t confirmed or anything (although hopefully this year i can get it confirmed)
  • im not actually VERY mentally unstable…. just a little bit. my mood can change drastically whether it be within seconds or within days.
  • im the kind of person who cannot commit to ANYTHING, so trying to commit to the poptropica community was actually hard for me 😛 im lazy
  • i do a lot of things on a whim, bcos im impulsive. this post is impulsive, i do a LOT of things without knowing why i do it, or without having a good reason
  • i still continued drawing, although for the last few months i’ve barely drawn anything because i hit a new low in my life

im not gonna say much more after this but once again, if any of you hit me up on twitter, or discord (i dont check very often…. few times a year? lol) or instagram and say you’re from the pop community i wouldn’t mind. or you can comment on this post and i’ll see it eventually 🙂


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